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James Carson

Actor / Public Speaker / Model / Content Creator


About James Carson

Embark on a journey with James Carson, a true Aussie adventurer whose roots trace back to the sweeping farming landscapes of country western Queensland.


Today, he's trading the rustic charm for the sun-drenched beaches of the Northern New South Wales, where he's not just catching waves, but also making waves in the entertainment scene. Beyond the beaches, James wears many hats - Actor, Keynote Speaker, Model, and Content Creator.


But here's the twist in the plot: when he's not gracing your screens in films, TV series, or those captivating television ads, James is unleashing his infectious energy on social media. Picture this - videos that are a hilarious and relatable peek into health, wellness, and everyday life.


From sharing belly laughs to dropping nuggets of wisdom, James is your go-to guy for a dose of humor and practical insights.


Whether he's collaborating with global brands or lighting up your feed with his down-to-earth charm, this Outback-turned-beachside larrikin is here to make you smile.


Jame has a fun story where the farm meets the beach, and every video is a testament to the lighter side of life.


James Carson is a storyteller weaving tales of laughter, relatability, and the joy of living.


James Carson - Showreel 2024
James Carson

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Ambassador & Content Creator

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Ambassador & Content Creator


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