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20 Positive Affirmations, Practice Writing Letters & Shapes Dot-To-Do Activities. 


A wonderful and engaging activity for your child to introduce them to positive thinking, writing words and letters, plus drawing shapes and colouring. 


Science shows the immense power that comes from writing down phrases as we read them. 


Drawing helps to calm your child's mind whilst reinforcing positive thinking about themselves for better mental health and well-being. 


When I was a kid, I lacked self-confidence and did my best when around people but unfortunately I was always a shy kid.


10 years ago I had a health scare that drove me into improving my mindset and personal development, that's when I discovered affirmations. 


Ever since adopting positive thinking and affirmations, I experienced an incredible transformation in my mental health and well-being.


These affirmations colour pages are my way of empowering young minds early to think positively about themselves at young and impressionable age. 


I truly wish I had these as a kid, now my hope is that these colouring pages positively impact your child so they can thinking strong and positive about themselves so they are confident and happy as much as possible through life.

Have a happy day,

20 Dot-To-Dot Positive Affirmation Colouring Pages

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