Is this the same person?

Yes, and I am incredibly proud of my transformation. I know that I am a continuous work in progress, and that's what life is about. Learning, growing, changing, challenging ourselves and being the best we can be, not only for ourselves, but to serves others as best we can.

There was certain turning points in my life that were either going to tear me down or building me up to be better than ever, I chose the latter! Each and everyday I am doing all that I can to be a better person, son, brother, colleague, lover, friend, coach, guide, fill in the blank. This isn't a task for me, it's my passion, it's what drives me, I love seeing positive change in my life, it fulfils me and gives me great joy.

I love look to back on photos like these photos, smile, and think "Wow, what a future you have ahead of you young fella!"

Thank you for reading and as always, my mission is to immerse humans in the beauty of nature and empower them to live a more joyous and fulfilling life.

Best love, kindness and wishes,

James Carson

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