6 steps to effective habit change

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

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Recently, I've been studying a great deal of information about habits and wanted to pass on 6 steps for effective habit change. I am not saying this is the ultimate cure for habit change, but it's a start.


Step 1 - Identify the habit you want to change.

Go for a walk instead of watching tv.

Step 2 - Make the first 2 minutes of the old habit hard to do.

Unplug the tv and hide the remote control. This will give you a chance to acknowledge the old habit and stop and think about the new habit.

Step 3 - Make the first 2 minutes of the new habit easy to do.

Place your walking shoes visibly by the door. This will remind you of the new habit and make it easier to do.

Step 4 - Set a goal to complete the first 2 minutes of the new habit

Set a timer for 2 minutes and put your shoes on and walk up to the front door.You will find that once you get that far you will continue to go for a longer walk.

Step 5 - Commend yourself for a positive habit change.

Tick off your goal and say to yourself "I did it, that way easy!" It's important to acknowledge yourself for accomplishing positive change.

Step 6 - Repeat and remain consistent.

Select the same time each day and execute the same way. Having a dedicated time and day sets yourself up for the best success to adopt the habit moving forward.


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