5 questions to ask yourself to enter into a positive state

There's an old saying that goes "As a man (or woman) thinketh, so is he (or she)" There is monumental power in knowing that the thoughts we have and the questions we ask ourselves have an immense impact on our life.

Personally, I have found a wonderful difference in changing my questions. For example, instead of saying "Why did this happen to me?" I can simply acknowledge that question and ask "What can I learn from this experience?" turning that situation from a negative to a positive.

Answer these 5 questions and see if there's a positive change in your state. I've provided my personal answers underneath to open up and provide an example.

1) Who am I really?

I am a lover of life, growth, relationships, acts of service, adventure and creativity.

2) What do I stand for?

I stand for leaving the world in a better place for others and living the best life I can that adds value to that world.

3) What am I not willing to compromise my values for?

I am not willing to compromise my values for any validation, money, fame, material items or artificial acknowledgment of any kind.

4) What are 10 things I love about myself?

1- I love my happy energy

2- I love my healthy body

3- I love my drive for growth

4- I love my life of service

5- I love my love for my family and friends

6- I love the life I am creating

7- I love my mind and consciousness

8- I love my looks and long hair (Nothing wrong with self-love)

9- I love how I can make people feel

10- I love my compassion, patience, and creativity

5) What is it that I admire most in others that I will work to acquire and improve in myself?

I admire people's confidence and ability to speak in front of others.

Give it a go!


Thank you for reading :)

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